Welcome to Ship-Maintenance Underwater

Professional diving

SMU is a professional commercial diving company offering underwater structure - maintenance, - installation and repair. Our team always deliver quality results to our customers on time. With our qualified commercial divers and subcontractors, we can quickly and cost-effectively come out with the right team and the right materials for your project, though it is port construction projects, anode configuration, underwater welding or hull and propeller's.

Underwater construction & repairs

Successful construction and repair of underwater marine installations and port facilities require quality work, the right staff and the right equipment. SMUs diving team consists of experienced and highly trained professional divers who are ready to handle any kind of underwater work. SMU offers all diving service with the best and latest in diving equipment and underwater tool.

Underwater ship service and maintenance

SMU is a Danish commercial diving company that blah. specializes in ship service on all types of vessels. Our vast experience and many skills in maintenance of ships of all kinds, makes SMU to the country's best and most versatile diving service company. Why you should choose us for both standard tasks and tasks that require innovation and creativity.


Cathodic protection
We have here with S.M.U. many years of experience with the installation of anodes on the quay, poles, ships and steel constructions.
Underwater Welding
We are at S.M.U. very proud of our capabilities in underwater welding, where we always deliver the best possible result. We have over the years welded subjects in most applications, so are therefore able to perform all kinds of welding applications.
Moulding and concrete repair
We have many years experience in molding and building molds below sea level. So whether it comes forstøbning piling, molding piles, or other molding operations, we are always able to solve the task and are always available for life to solve molding operations, quickly and safely.
Tank Inspection
At SMU, we have several years of experience in conducting inspections of tank systems and sprinkler tanks in the industry. After all tank inspections, we deliver detailed status report on our findings, as well as video documentation to the customer's future needs.
Photo documentation and video documentation
Here at S.M.U. we perform professional photo and video inspection, and provide documentation requested by the customer.
High pressure hosing
Many tasks require that items is rinsed clean example. for rust, sediments, marine fouling or remove damaged concrete, therefore we always have a high-pressure hose with the tasks and various nozzles and lances.
Hydraulic diamond drilling
S.M.U. comprises a hammer drill machines both hydraulic and pneumatic built for use in salt water, so we can drill holes in concrete and stones at customer's wishes.
Some tasks can be very time-saving to break up such old-base, using the controlled explosion. Blasting requires staff with experience, attention to detail and ability to coordinate a task with the implicated persons and companies, which we at S.M.U. answer yes to.