What is High pressure hosing of vessels?

High pressure vessel is when we for example. cleans and purifies a vessel’s sea chest, cooling system, ICCP, water intake and outlet. High pressure is used for example. to remove marine fouling, corrosion and paint, and high-pressure flushing may also be used for cleaning of marine surfaces within the control, for example. rudders, hull, bolts and welds.

Depending on the task, we can perform high pressure with different nozzles and lances that can reach up to 3 meters in.

Why outsource high pressure hosing of vessels?

  • It avoids overheating or disability of the ship’s cooling system, fire pumps, etc. which can result in lower maintenance costs of the ship, as the vital parts will last longer.

Therefore you should order high pressure of your vessel at SMU:

  • We have years of experience with high pressure and we are the best to do the job.
  • At SMU, you always solid, competitive prices of high pressure hosing. Our prices include transport, reporting with photo documentation, time and materials.

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